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Master Shi Su Gang

Master Shi Su Gang is a 30th Generation Shaolin Temple Martial Monks, began his martial arts training at a young age in the Shaolin Temple.

In the early 1990, master Shi Su Gang tour around the world to showcase the high arts of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Master Shi Su Gang is known as the king of grapping arts and the king of Chi Gong in the Shaolin area. His taught many people at the Shaolin Temple Wushu Guan prior to retiring.

Currently, Master Shi Su Gang resides in the Shaolin Village and only offer teaching to only selected disciple.

Master Shi Su Gang is also the advisor for Master Shi Yan Hui (Xiao Long), his taught the founder of Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy during his younger day. A god father to master Shi Yan Hui.