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Master Shi De Hui

Master Shi De Hui (31st Generational Shaolin Temple Monk) started his martial arts training in the Shaolin Temple at a young age under the legendary Shaolin Temple 30th Generation master Shi Su Yuan. Through years of training at Shaolin, Master Shi De Hui, secular name Wang Hui, has attained high level martial arts. With high attainment in martial arts and deep understanding in Chan Buddhism, Shaolin Grand Mastr Shi Su Yuan accepted him as a disciple and granted him the Shaolin lineage name Shi De Hui

Unlike other master, Master Shi De Hui decides not to go public with his martial arts skills. He choose to practice martial arts without much publicity.

Master Shi De Hui is a brother of master Shi Yan Hui (Bruce Wen) the founder of the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy in California, both trained in Shaolin Temple at the same time.

Upon brother Yan Hui’s many request, De Hui finally agrees to become the advisor for the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy.

Currently Master Shi De Hui resides in the Shaolin areas and cultivates martial arts and chan Buddhism.