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Master Shi Yan Hui (AKA Bruce Wen)


Master Shi Yan Hui, Secular Name Wen Xiao Long, Birth name Wen Yu Bao, AKA Bruce Wen is a 34th generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Master, brought into the Shaolin Monastery in China by his father in the 80s when he was only three years old. He was put under the guidance of warrior monk master Shi Su Gang, Shi Heng Jun, Shi Xing Du, Shi De Cheng, Shi De Yang, Shi Yong Qian, and many more. His passion and determination to be the greatest action star and reaching mastery in martial arts motivated him to endure many years of intensive training at Shaolin Temple. He was further granted Shaolin Master title Statues and took on Shi Yan Hui as his warrior name.

In 1992, Shaolin Warriors monk and master Shi Yan Hui tour in the United States and worldwide. In 1994, Master Shi, left Shaolin and journey west to America. His quest to pursuing the Hollywood dream lead him to settle in Los Angeles, California, the heart of Hollywood, Entertainment Capital of the World in 1996. With excellent martial arts skills, acting abilities, and handsome looks, master Shi Yan Hui is set out to conquer Hollywood. He was casted in numerous action films, such as “Forgotten Jewel”, “Organized Chaos”, “Kung Fu Comedy” “Young Hero”, “The Dream of the Red Chamber”, and has also been featured in many worldwide Shaolin Kung Fu performance, newspapers, magazines, televisions, and movies, is well-known and respected nationwide for his extraordinary talents.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Bruce Wen is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as a producer, director, writer, actor and martial arts choreographer. Additionally, he also oversees and operates the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy in Rosemead, California. For more information about Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy, visit or (626) 202-7391