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Our Tour

Every years, master Shi Yan Hui of the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy takes a tour to China to seek the roots of martial arts, chinese cultural, and the rich history of China.

In addition to visiting the Shaolin Temple, master Shi Yan Hui also takes students of Shanghai, Fujian, Beijing, Xian, LuoYang, and many more.

The academy visit many sights while in China. To learn more about our tour, please come back to this site on a regular basis.

Our tour to China usually takes place around the first two weeks of April every year. Again, we welcome you to come and explore with us in the central of the World, China.

More information about touring will be available soon.

Master Shi Yan Hui, and members of Shaolin also tour to give performance world wide. To Schedule a show for your events please contact our performance departments.

China Tours

Welcome to our China Tours. The Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy takes student on a tour every years, Master Shi Yan Hui personally takes you all over China, from north to south, and then east to west. Every years, our tour includes different sights and attractives.

If you would like to be in part of our tour, please contact us for more details at (626) 202-7391