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Chinese Medicine

Perhaps many saw the quick relief that these Chinese medical concoctions bring that even up to this day, there are still a lot of people who use these products to relieve simple pains. Despite modernism and the development of science especially in the field of medical research, Chinese medicine was still able to endure all these changes simply because of the fact that it is effective and safe for use.
History of Chinese medicine

The use of medicinal plants and herbs by the Chinese people dates back to almost 3000 years ago. It is said to be a traditional way in which healers use in order to diagnose and treat common illnesses. The beliefs and practices are based greatly on the Yin and Yang, which is the harmony of the opposites. In these traditional medical practices, people believe that in order to be fully healthy, the bodys balance should be restored and the Qi should be released from any form of blockage. It is said to treat any form of sickness holistically meaning that the whole body is maintained in perfect sync as being healthy does not only involve the physical aspects but most importantly the psyche as well.
Common uses of Chinese medicine

There are many known traditional Chinese medicine practices that were in existence. Some of them remained widely used even to this day like:

Acupuncture is indeed one of the most ancient traditions of the Chinese as it dates way back during the Stone Age. Evidences of this practice were seen on hieroglyphs which helps prove its origin. But what is it, really? Basically, acupuncture involves learning the pressure points of the body that connects to the different nerves and organs. It involves the use of specialized needles that punctures these pressure points in order to address the particular organ or system that is out of balance.
Chinese Medicine

There are many benefits that this kind of traditional medical practice brings. It is said to open up the Qi which is the vital energy of the body allowing the energy to effectively flow all over. At the same time, it promotes a healthy blood circulation which is important in order to keep a healthy function of all organs in the body.

Herbal medicines
Apart from acupuncture, the Chinese people were also able to develop their own herbal medicines in which they use to provide simple cures to all their illnesses. They learned that herbs have different benefits depending on their classification which is temperature and taste. This means that herbs with different temperatures and taste provide varying effects on the body thus, through the careful mixing of these herbs they were able to create a diversity of herbal medicines that they use for healing.