Martial Arts Shows

For Century, the Shaolin Warriors Master are known for their martial arts power, 18 weaponry skills, 72 High Arts of Shaolin that tests the unlimited power of mind and body through spectacular skills develop over thousands of year.

Master Shi Yan Hui (AKA Bruce Wen) is a 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior of the Shaolin Temple in China.  Prior to residing in Los Angeles, Master Shi Yan Hui tour all over the world for martial arts exhibition and cultural exchanged.  In 2015, He formed the Shaolin Entertainment Group to help promote and spread the culture of Shaolin Kung Fu,18 Weapons, 72 Skills of Shaolin, and the wheel and way of life for throughout the world through shows, cultural exchange, and public demonstration.

Shaolin Entertainment Groups, Inc.,  partners with the world’s well known Shaolin Martial Monks Group, China,  Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy, Shaolin Action Stars Group with actual Shaolin Warrior Masters, Wushu and Kung Fu Master to bring the best presentation and live shows ever.   We will design all shows according to the clients’ need and request.